Exploring the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi’s price and size makes it very versatile and can be used in lots of different applications. One thing that I noticed when looking at its capabilities and projects that other people had put together using it is that the device itself is extremely capable when being used to control or take information in from external physical devices.

This led me to look deeper into some specific projects that people had carried out, including:

Motion Sensors and Movement Tracking

Not only can the Pi be programmed to detect when there is movement within the frame of its camera, it can also be made to control sets of servos to rotate a camera to track a face or an object.

Robots and Rovers

There are many people who have decided to create remote controlled or automated robots using the Pi. These range from simple car-like vehicles to robotic arms and even R2D2 type robots.

Led and Lighting Control

The Pi can be used as a controller to create LED light displays, and it can also control household lighting, sound and other electronics. In conjunction with different sensors, it can operate lights based on movement within a room, for example.

These are some of the areas that I am most interested in exploring, and thus it was interesting to look into the different projects that people had already attempted, and see what kind of things could be done.


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