Interactive Art and Art Installations With Raspberry Pi

Make Yourself At Home

This installation features an artificial lawn being mown by automated lawnmowers. To compound the sense of artificiality, the artist has also used plastic potted plants and plastic children’s playhouses. On the walls are videos and photographs of scenes of idealised family life. The robot lawnmowers use Raspberry Pis to communicate with one another and play excerpts of speech as though they are holding a conversation.



This artwork consists of a large number of paper boats floating on the water in London. The boats are each fitted with and LED light that can change colour, and the patterns and colours can be controlled via a passer-by’s mobile phone.



pOLymORpHic hUMansCApE

This ‘city in a bottle’ features a blended cityscape scene with flowers and trees, all made out of thin pieces of copper and various electronic components. It features two small video screens that play videos exploring the day In two different cities around the world. The electronics, including the Pi, form part of the cityscape itself as they run the video screens.


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