Further Development of Chosen Idea

I have chosen to pursue the rover idea. This is due to the following criteria:

  • Highly interactive
  • Interesting combination of physical and virtual interaction
  • Room to be creative
  • Different solutions
  • Can deliver information and be entertaining.


Here are some possibilities that I would like to explore moving forward from the initial idea.

  1. Setting the rover in a simulated landscape such as the Moon or Mars.
  2. Delivering information or narrative to the user, for example using pre-recorded videos that play at various points.
  3. Making the user feel as though they are controlling a rover on another planet.

A mock up of how the construction might look.

The rover could be placed on a simulated planet’s surface inside of a sandbox type construction, with the sides resembling the view from the planet.

The user could use a joystick, a touch-screen or a computer to control the rover.

The camera could move and be controlled separately.



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