Research – Telepresence Art

Rara Avis

This work by Eduardo Kac featured a telerobotic parrot that could be controlled by users via the internet. Situated inside an aviary with living birds, the speakers and movement of the parrot coud be used to change the birds’ behaviour or the camera feed used to give a literal ‘bird’s eye view’.


In this work, users could control a telerobotic arm to tend to plants via the internet. As multiple users could interact and would return to care for the plants, this created a social network of people around the garden.

The Robospatium

The Robospatium is an online work by Norbert Heinz in which he has created several different robots that can be controlled by telepresence. He has used the theme of space, and calls one of them a lander, as it gives an overview of the space, and the others are rovers that can be driven around.bild01


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