Idea Development – Technology

I will need to combine multiple technologies to realise the project successfully.

The rover will require a chassis with wheels and motors to drive the wheels. These can be acquired in kits, or I can put one together myself. If I am replicating the current Mars rovers then I will need one with six wheels that are on elongated struts.

A touchscreen tablet device could be used to both control the rover, to view the video feed or both.

The Raspberry Pi will need an extraneous wireless power source that can be fitted to the rover with it. A rechargeable battery pack with a 5v output will work well for this.

The Pi will also need a webcam or the compatible camera module.

A wireless connection between the Pi and another device is necessary for control and to relay the video feed.

If the video feed and controls are to be on the same interface, HTML or JavaScript may be needed to create a useable interface that can be connected to on the control device.

Alternate control devices:

  • PC keyboard
  • Joystick

Alternate video viewing devices

  • TV Monitor
  • Laptop screen

Chroma Keying ( sometimes known as greenscreen or bluescreen) could be used to show images or videos to the user through the same video feed as the camera. A narrative or other information about space or rovers or telepresence could be then implemented easily.


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