Testing Technology – Raspberry Pi and Battery Pack


In order to test the feesability of certain aspects of the project I decided that I needed to run some tests.

  1. Streaming the Pi Camera module to another device. I used MJPEG Streamer which sends a JPEG image every frame. The result is a Java, Javascript or HTML stream. This is useful as it can be accessed on all devices on the network that have an internet browser. The stream has a fairly low frame rate, and there is no sound, but this might replicate the real video feed being sent from Mars. There are other options however but this was simple to set up and easy to run.
  2. I purchased a 12000mAh rechargable battery pack that has an output of 5V via a USB connector. This is one of the largest capacities of such packs that are readily available. I tested the total running time of the pack when using just the camera module and wireless adaptor on the Pi to run MJPEG Streamer, and the pack’s battery lasted >6 Hours. This means that it would potentially be feasible to use this in an actual museum exhibit or installation – allowing for power consumed to control the rover this may then require only one or no battery changes within a day.

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