Idea Development – Software

I may need to utilise various software or applications to ensure the correct running of my project.


Scratch is a visual, tile based programming environment that can be used to create and control animations, games, music and even external outputs. It is aimed at children for its simplicity, but it has the capabilities to do as much as more complicated environments. It comes pre-loaded on the Raspberry Pi and could be used to control the rover via the GPIOs.

Pure Data

Pure Data is another visual programming language and environment that can control and process sound, graphics, animation and interface with external inputs and outputs. It could be used to Chroma Key the video so that it can be combined with the other info or videos.

Quartz Composer

Yet another visual programming language, Quartz Composer is used to create various visual applications for Mac OS. It is similar to Pure Data in a lot of its capabilities, but it brings a few different possibilities because it can handle video streams better.

MJpeg Streamer

MJpeg Streamer is a streaming application that streams motion JPEG images over a network. The streams provided are HTML, Java, JavaScript and VLC based, so that they can be viewed on a large range of devices. Motion JPEGs are quickly updated JPEG images that are captured and sent through the stream, so that the resulting output is that of a video playing at a few frames per second. It can be installed on the Raspberry Pi, so is a possibility for streaming the video feed from the rover.


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