Design – Control Interface

roverctrl2I have several ideas for the control interface. I have decided that it should be accessible on a tablet device, and thus the easiest way to do this is to create a web page and use JavaScript to send commands to the Pi.

According to this article, the Mars rover drivers plan out a course using a combination of data, which they then run a simulation on and adjust. Once the course is ready, the driver gives the signal and the rover follows the pre-assigned instructions. It makes sense that the rover is not under manual control since there is about a 4 minute delay sending signals to the red planet.

In order to make it interesting and not too complicated however I have decided not to simulate this entirely. I do however think that the user should have to input instructions and then execute them which will provide more of an interesting and simulative experience than if they were just driving the rover around like it were an RC car.

In its simplest form, this would involve the user inputting a direction and angle of rotation and a distance or amount of degrees and then sending the command. The tilt for the camera could probably be activated as soon as the button is pressed.

homofaciens.deOn the website (home of the RoboSpatium as mentioned in a previous post), the control system for the robots is fairly simple and easy to use. Additionally, he has provided the source code and instructions on how to set up Apache2 on the Pi to be able to communicate with another computer and send and receive instructions.


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