Design of the Mars Terrain

Original Terrain Design

Original Terrain Design

My initial design was to have the rover inside of a sandbox construction that was enclosed by walls which were painted green so that a chroma key or greenscreen effect could be applied. After much consideration I have decided that should make a few changes to the design for the following reasons:

  • Cost of the materials
  • Time available
  • Weight of the materials for transportation purposes
  • Looseness of the sand for transportation purposes
  • Difficulty in making the greenscreen work with current video solution

The sand and the weight of the wood would probably mean that it would have to be assembled on site and then left assembled for the duration. The walls on each edge serve no purpose if the greenscreen effect is not present and only unnaturally box the rover in. I have decided to amend the design to feature much lighter materials that can easily be transported in pieces and put together easily on site. I have also decided to make the boundaries of the terrain feel more natural, and so intend to create ‘rocks’ out of readily available and relatively lightweight materials which creates an impasse at the edges of the terrain. The sand will be glued onto the board in a thin layer.


New Terrain Design



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