For the web elements of my project I think Google Fonts is a useful resource as the fonts can be downloaded so that I can use them in images, but also they can be linked in the stylesheet for the web pages so that any written text can be in a matching font.


Looking at NASA and ESA telemetry data, they tend to prefer monospaced fonts such as courier for the distinctiveness of each letter and number so that there is no confusion.

Based on this, I looked at the fonts in the monospace category on Google Fonts. I wanted something that was reasonably clear to read, but I also wanted it to be interesting from a design point of view (so Courier was not an option).

fontsI decided upon the font ‘VT323’, because it looks slightly pixelated and I thought this looked interesting especially at large font sizes, and makes it seem as though it is part of a text-based computing system.



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