Changing the Information Delivery Method

After spending large periods of time researching various methods of image and colour recognition in various environments including PureData, Quartz Composer and JavaScript, most of my trials were unsucessful. PureData and Quartz Composer were both unable to recognise the MJPEG stream coming from the Raspberry Pi in order to import it. Even though I found many working examples of JavaScript tracking colours and doing various things once the colour was detected, I could not manage to get it to work with the stream from the Pi either. The following videos demonstrate this.

The main issue seemed to be that they are working with a video, and the MJPEG stream outputs images and writes them to the canvas. I found an example that detected a red ball in an image on the JavaScript canvas, however that had specific checks for the size of the ball, and i could not compile the two scripts together without causing the stream to cease being displayed.

I have had to settle for a working but less interesting alternative, which is different to the  other contingency plans that I initially thought up, as it is more reliable.

On the left hand side of the main viewing screen I have created a script that will randomly redirect the user from the iframe with the telemetry .gif inside of it to one of a number of different facts about Mars. The user will then be redirected after a period back to the telemetry. I have also added a flashing warning triangle .gif and alert noise to draw the user’s attention.


The warning .gif which animates for a short period of time when the page loads


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