The Final Exhibition

Exhibiting my work was very interesting, as it allowed me to communicate with other people who seemed to be enthusiastic about my project.

In addition to the rover and the control station, I made some museum exhibition style information boards that I thought might make things more interesting.









viking spiritoppy sojourner phoenix curiosity






As it turned out, people had difficulty working out that the rover was an actual real robot that they were controlling until they saw the thing itself. I therefore definitely think that if this was to be exhibited in a museum that I would allow people to see the rover driving. Perhaps not at the same time as they are controlling it however.

Another thing that was suggested was the inclusion of goals for the driver to achieve. I initially wanted this too, with the purpose of the goals to be the delivery of the information, but as discussed in a previous post, this was a whole new project unto itself. I had also thought about the inclusion of fun goals such as finding little aliens that would be fun for younger users, but i decided that this was unscientific.

Here is a video of the final exhibit in action.